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Mike Cheek
Operation Shed

Have you ever been at the point where life seemed out of control? I had gone too long without taking my wellbeing seriously. I was feeling tired and hopeless; without a clear path to reclaim my life. A moment of clarity hit me and I took action in two ways: I joined a local gym and, since I also needed to complete condition management (surprise), made an appointment with the property WellNurse, Faith.

My visit with Faith was much more than a ‘condition management check the box meeting’. We had an honest and emotional discussion before it was time to step on the scale.

I was sure that I heard cameras buzzing about my head and even more sure that Ashton Kutcher was about to come through the door to let me know that I had been punk’d.

The reality was that I weighed 360 pounds and I was shocked. I shed a few tears; Faith and I talked more and together we established a plan to reclaim my life. I left our meeting loaded with tools and information to support my new plan. I even signed up for two weight loss challenges, one with Faith and one with Coach Carla from the New Orleans property. That day, February 1, 2017, I made a promise to myself to change my life. I began a new way of living which I named “Operation Shed”.

I cleaned out the cabinets and refrigerator of things that wouldn’t work for me anymore and I went shopping for heathier food; later that day I went to the gym. I was committed and determined and it started working. I met with Faith two weeks later and was already down 20 pounds. I spoke about my fear of upcoming work related travel interrupting my progress and plan. Faith encouraged me with strategies and gave me the contact info for Kris, the Horseshoe Southern Indiana coach, so I could visit/weigh in while there. What I didn’t expect is that when I visited they knew me by name and were expecting my visit!

I cannot say enough about the love, support, and guidance that I have and do still receive from the Wellness Coaches.

Fast forward to April 11, 2017.   For the first time in years, I stepped on the scale and was in the 200’s with a loss of 61 pounds. I am in the gym six days a week, keep a very detailed food/exercise journal and regularly visit with Faith. I am a new person.

My entire outlook has changed. I am a new, happier, more productive person.

The best news is that I am no longer considered pre-diabetic, my blood pressure has normalized and my Doctor has set a date to stop the medication in a few weeks. I was hopeless and thought that weight loss surgery was my only remaining option, but with help of the Wellness Rewards program and a lot of support, I tried something different. I plan to stick with it because it’s working. There have been a couple of tough days but I keep on keeping on and for that and those that support me, I am very grateful!