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Mickey’s Story
Harrah’s Metropolis

“I was afraid that I would eventually have to take insulin shots, so better controlling my diabetes to possibly come off medications was my goal.”


What is Type 2 diabetes? As your body digests carbohydrates, it is broken down into sugars called glucose that your body uses for energy. Insulin allows glucose to enter body cells, where it is used for energy or stored to use later (fat).  Type 2 diabetes occurs when the cells of your body become numb to the signal of insulin, which in turn causes your blood sugar to stay elevated.  Managing your diabetes is a journey. Wellness Rewards helped Mickey pave that path to managing his diabetes and improving his overall health.

Before Mickey started coaching with his onsite WellNurse, his weight and blood sugar was continuing to increase, causing both him and his doctor to be concerned.  With his rising blood sugar levels, his doctor told him he may want to increase Mickey’s medications. This was something Mickey didn’t want to do.  Knowing Wellness Rewards offered resources, Mickey reached out to David, his onsite WellNurse for support.

Upon meeting with David, Mickey gained more details about what having Type 2 diabetes means, and steps to taking control of this condition. The first goal: addressing nutrition. The two discussed what foods Mickey should eat and when.  This goal was to try and limit his blood sugar spikes during the time that would affect his overall numbers the most, the morning.  After not having food throughout the night the body is in a prime state to use glucose. But we want the body to use the glucose in the blood, not the glucose in our breakfast. That’s why a more reasonable carbohydrate breakfast was perfect.

They discovered foods that he enjoyed and replaced high sugar fruit juices, cereals, sandwiches, and other high carbohydrate choices with different kinds of diabetic superfoods like nuts and nut butters, vegetables, and added a hearty salad almost every day.  To help him stay on track, Mickey gained the support of his wife and together they prepared meals and provided encouragement to stay on track. She was a big support to Mickey’s lifestyle changes.

Based on what I saw and heard from TV, I thought the foods I was eating were okay. What I learned from David, for me and my condition, those foods were not good. David gave me tips on how to eat properly, when to eat, and what foods to cut out. This was the first time that anyone ever explained why I should eat this and not eat that.”

The second goal was to address his quality of sleep.  Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can lead to impairments of glucose metabolism and increased insulin levels.  Knowing that Mickey has limited time to sleep, David went through steps to help Mickey build a better habit for improving his quality of sleep. With just a few adjustments like adjusting the room temperature at a cooler setting, limit TV before bed, limit water before bed, and add some ambient noise, Mickey noticed the his quality of sleep improving.

Following these changes, in just 3 months, Mickey lowered his A1C from 9.2 to 6.8 and fasting blood sugar dropped 35 points! His energy has increased, getting better sleep, and his overall confidence is better because he knows he can make changes to improve his health.  Although Mickey’s medications weren’t lowered just yet, his doctor is confident that if he continues with his healthy lifestyle, changes to his medications will be reevaluated at his next appointment.

Improving health is a journey, and we hope that we can help guide you on that journey!

“I know that if I can do it with the way I have eaten all my life, anyone can do it. I’m very head strong about my eating habits and am very excited that I trusted someone to help me out. If I can do it, you can too!”  


 Congratulations Mickey on your amazing health journey and taking the steps to improve your health!