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Leslie’s Transformation
Harrah’s Biggest Meltdown Success

"I had always told myself I would never have weight loss surgery. I knew it was time to make an actual change and stick with it."

Leslie's wake-up call came when she found herself struggling with her weight loss journey. After several attempts at unsuccessful diets, she enlisted help from her onsite wellness team.

In January 2018, Leslie decided it was finally time for change. She signed up for an onsite wellness campaign, Harrah’s Biggest Meltdown with WellNurse Laura.

Leslie found a diet plan that worked well for her lifestyle and goals, but at times had difficulty staying on track. With additional support from her mother and close friends, Leslie was determined to make progress each month, often checking her weight with Laura on a weekly basis and discussing her challenges along the way.

"The Biggest Meltdown campaign gave me something to look forward to. My weigh-in and weekly sessions with Laura kept me fighting for my health and wellness."

With the help of her support groups (friends, family, onsite wellness), in addition to tracking food intake with an app, and drinking more water, Leslie stuck with her plan during the twelve-week campaign. By the end of the Meltdown, Leslie had lost an incredible 38 pounds!

Even though the wellness campaign was over, she wasn’t finished. Leslie stuck with her plan staying consistent with her healthy lifestyle changes, and continued to check in regularly with WellNurse Laura.

"I can truly say I have made a new friend with Laura. I go and just check in and keep her updated on my progress and check my numbers because I love how she encourages me."

By the time Leslie completed Wellness Rewards biometric screening in August 2018, she had lost 85 pounds. She wanted to achieve her goal by her birthday in January, but by the end of September, Leslie had already lost 100 pounds! After previous attempts at weight loss and falling off track each time, she had finally achieved her goal way ahead of schedule.

Not only had Leslie surpassed her weight loss goal, she has improved her sleep quality, energy levels, and mood overall. Through setting goals with a target date in mind, using friends and family for support, and accountability with the Wellness Rewards program, Leslie found lasting success.

"This is the first time I actually stuck it out. I’m learning new strengths about myself that I never knew I had. My self-confidence has been restored! I can honestly say Laura made my goals seem realistic and she continues to guide me through my new lifestyle. It was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life."

No matter what aspect of your life you are trying to improve, set a goal with a timeline! Whether it’s a birthday, reunion, wedding, or just a Wellness Rewards deadline, having a timeline can help to maintain motivation! Long term success with weight management comes with lifestyle changes. Find the right path that works for you and stick with it!


Congratulations, Leslie for your amazing successes on your health journey!