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Karen Walker
Table Games Dealer, Harrah’s Philadelphia

“I didn’t realize what was happening with my health until the first biometric screening.”

In October 2016, Karen a Table Games Dealer from Harrah’s Philadelphia, was new to Wellness Rewards when Connie, the onsite WellNurse, completed her initial biometric screening. This was a big eye opener for her because all biometric measurements were elevated. She had not been to the doctor in years, unaware of any health issues.

They discussed the long-term health effects of elevated biometrics on her cardiovascular system, and took a hard look at her diet. She was drinking soda, eating donuts, greasy foods, and adding lots of flavored creamer to her coffee. She decided to start with eliminating diet soda because “looking at the soda bottle display made me realize how much sugar is in soda – even diet soda with Aspartame.”

Determined to improve her health, Karen scheduled an Annual Physical and joined the Ready, Learn, Set, Goal seminar campaign on Nutrition and Hypertension. This campaign is designed to teach how to lower blood pressure naturally, through attainable lifestyle changes.

She attended seminars on the importance of healthy eating and sleep, to reinforce her efforts in reducing her blood pressure. This was all new information to her! Karen cut back on fried foods, and now bakes chicken or orders rotisserie chicken. She makes sure to sleep 7 or more hours each night.

“I didn’t realize what fried foods do to you…. clogging your arteries and making you feel terrible. I now tell my colleagues not to eat fried foods in the EDR!”

To keep her momentum going, Karen also joined the Resolution Revolution weight loss challenge in January, 2017. Resolution Revolution is our annual 8 week property weight loss campaign, encouraging healthy weight loss with healthy eating and physical activity.

“I knew I had to lose weight, but was never motivated. This program gave me the structure, education and motivation to do it myself.”

As part of Resolution Revolution weight loss challenge, participants were asked to track fruits, vegetables, and daily steps. Karen started eating 3 small meals a day, adding fruits and vegetables, reading nutrition labels and drinking LOTS of water!

“Tracking my intake of fruits, vegetables and daily steps became very important to me.”

As part of Resolution Revolution, Harrah’s Philadelphia competed against Horseshoe Baltimore in tracking steps for three weeks. The property with the highest step count would claim the coveted “Golden Sneaker” award. They fought hard to defend their title from the prior year challenge, winning with 3,881,154 steps (1,194 miles) in just 3 weeks!

“At first, I felt terrible! I couldn’t even walk up steps without huffing and puffing! Now I walk over 10,000 steps a day and I love it! I also wanted to help Harrah’s Philadelphia win the competition against Horseshoe Baltimore!”

Karen’s efforts paid off - she won second place in Resolution Revolution, losing 15 pounds and 8.55% of her body weight. She placed third in a three week step challenge walking 244,674 steps (11,651 per day).

In 4 months, all of Karen’s biometric values improved. She lost 20 pounds, her Total Cholesterol dropped 75 points, and LDL dropped 120 points.

“The Wellness Program is the best thing that has happened to me. If I didn’t do the Weight Loss challenge, I wouldn’t have been motivated to do it myself. I feel 100% better! I have more energy. I’m eating smaller meals and portion my food. I occasionally cheat, but I get back on track the next day.”

Karen stops by Connie’s office weekly to jump on the scale. Her energy is infectious and she is always so excited to discuss her progress. “I can play with my grandchildren and don’t get out of breath. Now I perform the resistance exercises we discussed, and I dropped a clothing size. I’m now shopping for new clothing to celebrate my son’s college graduation! I feel better about myself, I didn’t think I would. I plan to participate in future campaigns, even if I don’t need to!”

Congratulations, Karen for your amazing successes on your health journey!