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Privacy Policy


Members of the Wellness Rewards team are not Caesars employees. Caesars uses an external provider, Cigna Onsite Health, which specializes in employer solutions for health care. The Wellness Rewards team is a resource for the benefit of employees’ and their covered spouses’ health and wellness and by law does not report any individual’s personal health information back to Caesars.

Wellness Rewards is a voluntary program, and information shared by participants of the program is kept private and confidential. Cigna Onsite Health manages the Wellness Rewards program and does not share health information with Caesars. Cigna Onsite Health is subject to all of the federal HIPAA privacy and security protections because it is a business associate of the Plan. The Plan and Caesars have implemented administrative safeguards to protect the confidentiality of participants’ personal health information as required under HIPAA, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act. This program is designed to help manage health and wellness by promoting preventive services. Cigna Onsite Health will supply aggregate information to Caesars for program management but does not provide individual participant information, including name or personal information.

It is the participant’s responsibility to review their tracker for program completions and payroll for accuracy. Each year, Caesars provides the Wellness Rewards program guidelines as part of the Annual Enrollment Guide and is documented in the annual benefit plan Summary Plan Description. You can find the Annual Enrollment Guide, Summary Plan Description or view your program tracker on the benefits website at www.caesars.benefitsnow.com. For additional information about Wellness Rewards or to schedule a meeting with your WellNurse or WellCoach, click “Schedule An Appointment” or call the Wellness Rewards team at 800-591- 9220.

If you have concerns about your ability to complete Wellness Rewards program activities or requirements listed, please see your WellNurse/Coach or call 800-591- 9220 to discuss alternatives. If your current circumstances will prevent you from achieving the results required for earning the wellness bonus, we will work with you to develop a wellness program that is best suited to those circumstances.

NOTE: Caesars reserves the right to modify or terminate the Wellness Rewards Program at any time, for any reason, with or without notice to participants. Nevertheless, Caesars will not modify the program in any way that will give Caesars access to individual information which is developed or used in the game.