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New Year, New You:
building your health goals

As we come into the new year, we all find ourselves wanting to set up “resolutions” or as we see on social media the “New Year, New You!”. That is a great first step to take when it comes to “updating” your mind set for your health. You are the author of the next 12 months, but how do we keep that momentum? How can we see the success of our goals to keep our motivation strong?

That is where your Wellness Rewards Team can be an amazing resource!


As an enrolled member in your benefit plan, you have access to an onsite WellNurse located at your property. They are here for you to help you with your health goals. Schedule recurring appointments or as you need them. You can always set up an appointment if you are needing that extra assistance in goal setting, maintaining current goals, and what resources are available.

WellNurse coaching provides you with an individualized plan and accountability to your goals and priorities.

“We get one life and we all want to live happily ever after.  When we talk about our goals, we have to be really raw and honest with ourselves about what holds us back and what works for us…and more importantly, we can’t give up.  We just have to keep figuring out how to keep progressing, every little success makes a big difference.” –Connie Shapiro, WellNurse/Philadelphia/Baltimore

Those resources can be in forms of exercise design, nutrition ideas, and disease management.

When we look into the New Year ahead, we can set up all kinds of goals. It doesn’t need to be limited to weight loss or more exercise. Self-improving comes in all forms. Some of those forms can be stress reduction, better relationships, or learning something new.

“Your body will always respond to which type of stress you expose it to. You can either positively stress yourself or negatively stress yourself.  If you apply negative stress (drinking, smoking, poor eating) your body will adapt and your health will be negatively affected. If you stress yourself positively (working out, eating well, meditate) there is almost a guarantee that stress will affect you in a positive manner. It is up to you and the stresses you present your body.” Michael Muse, Las Vegas/Caesar’s Palace

After that goal is set, share it with your support system. Tell your family, friends, your WellNurse. Your support system will continue to ask how that goal is going to maintain your motivation. You can share your success to stay focused and even get ideas on how to work through the challenges.

As you progress, it may be time to tweak your current goals or make a new one! Remember to set yourself up for success!

So, Happy New Year to you and use your pen to write a beautiful story for yourself.


In Good Health,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                WellNurse Lisa & WellNurse Seth 


About your WellNurse Lisa: 

A Mom of two teenage boys, she loves to cook and spend time with her family.  You can find her mat side cheering on her sons during wrestling season.  “Make the changes you want to see NOW.  Don’t wait.  Be proud of every step you take on the way to reaching your goal.” As your dedicated WellNurse I look forward to getting to know you. My passion is health education and I am committed to supporting you in making healthy life choices and living a life of wellness.




About your WellNurse Seth:

Seth has been involved with Health & Fitness his whole life. Always wanting to share his knowledge and excitement in wellness with others, he believes that slow progression leads to lifetime results. Seth likes to get out and enjoy the National Parks with his 2 big dogs Molly & Ricco. “I love to travel, stay active in different fitness formats, cooking, road trips, podcasts and lots of laughing.”