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Meet Your WellNurse or Wellcoach

Your WellNurse/WellCoach is available on property to provide a personalized approach, motivation, and tools to help you make sustainable changes that fit into your busy life based on your individual priorities and needs.  He or she will provide you with face-to-face health coaching related to wellness and risk management on primary health care prevention and lifestyle behavior risks (such as hypertension, weight management, and stress). Your WellNurse or WellCoach also provides onsite educational seminars and health campaigns.

Additionally, your WellNurse/Coach is also familiar with Caesars’ insurance plan and can assist you in finding other available services that are included in your benefits offerings that may help you manage your health. These others services include health-related educational materials, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), price transparency tools, and network providers.

Find Your WellNurse/Coach

To find your WellNurse or your WellCoach, select your Caesars property location and click Submit.


Schedule An Appointment

Use the online scheduling tool to make an appointment with your WellNurse/Coach now.

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