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How It Works


At Caesars Entertainment, our mission is to Inspire Grown-Ups to Play — or in other words, to provide a world-class experience in entertainment, hospitality, and gaming. We are each a part of what makes Caesars special for our guests. This takes energy and focus, which is why we provide comprehensive health care benefits and an award-winning wellness program to help you stay at the top of your game.

Wellness Rewards is an award winning incentive program designed to support your health goals and save you money on your health care expenses. Think of it as a special partnership between you and Caesars – you make your health a priority, and we will lower the cost of your medical plan.

Wellness Rewards is offered at no cost and is available to team members and spouses enrolled in a Caesars-sponsored medical plan.

Wellness Rewards video:  English CLICK HERE   Spanish CLICK HERE


Being healthy is good for you.

Good health gives you more time and energy to enjoy things that matter to you.

Earn a bonus payment of up to $500 in your HRA or HSA to help cover health care expenses.

Save up to $1,300 per year on your medical premiums.

Lifesaving success stories. Read about your coworkers wellness journeys under Success Stories.

Onsite WellNurse or WellCoach and resources to help guide through the program.

The Process

The Wellness Rewards program has two parts: Know your numbers and Manage your health. Complete activities on time to keep your health risks low and savings high.

Know your numbers

Action: Get a biometric screening by November 30th.
Savings: Save up to $650 ($1,300 if your covered spouse/domestic partner also participates) on your medical premiums from January through June.

Manage your health

Action: Get an annual physical and complete condition management (if required) by May 31st.
Savings: Save up to $650 ($1,300 if your covered spouse/domestic partner also participates) on your medical premiums from July through December.

If you are new to Caesars benefits, your requirements may be different. Review the Newly Eligible Participants section for more information.

*BONUS* If your biometric screening values are in Wellness Rewards goal range, you may be eligible for bonus payment to your HRA or HSA. Review the Biometric section for more information.

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Biometric Exam

Know your numbers. Biometric screenings measure your body composition, blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose. Getting a snapshot of these key health care numbers can help you understand your current health status and focus on ways to reduce your risk of developing serious health conditions.

If you are new to Caesars benefits, your requirements may be different. Review the Newly Eligible Participants section for more information.

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Annual Physical

Manage your health. Your age, health and family history, lifestyle choices, and other important factors impact how you use healthcare. Regular conversations with your primary care physician can help reduce your risk for health problems before they start.

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Condition Management

Manage your health. Wellness has a different meaning to everyone. We offer a diverse set of programs to help you meet your goals in a fun and meaningful way. From onsite coaching or wellness campaigns to online or telephonic resources, our unique programs can support your health goals.

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Meet Your Wellnurse

Your onsite WellNurse or WellCoach can help you navigate the Wellness Rewards program and create a personalized wellness plan to help you reach your health goals.

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Leslie’s Transformation
Harrah’s Biggest Meltdown Success

In January 2018, Leslie decided it was finally time for change. She signed up for an onsite wellness campaign, Harrah’s Biggest Meltdown with WellNurse Laura.

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Mickey’s Story
Harrah’s Metropolis

Based on what I saw and heard from TV, I thought the foods I was eating were okay. What I learned from David, for me and my condition, those foods were not good. David gave me tips on how to eat properly, when to eat, and what foods to cut out. This was the first time that anyone ever explained why I should eat this and not eat that.

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Karen Walker
Table Games Dealer, Harrah’s Philadelphia

The Wellness Program is the best thing that has happened to me. If I didn’t do the Weight Loss challenge, I wouldn’t have been motivated to do it myself. I feel 100% better! I have more energy. I’m eating smaller meals and portion my food. I occasionally cheat, but I get back on track the next day.

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Mike Cheek
Operation Shed

Have you ever been at the point where life seemed out of control? I had gone too long without taking my wellbeing seriously. I was feeling tired and hopeless; without a clear path to reclaim my life. A moment of clarity hit me and I took action in two ways...

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