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Quit Smoking Program


It isn’t easy to quit smoking and it may take a few tries before you’re successful. If you’re ready to quit smoking, the Cigna Quit Today ® program can help you develop a personal plan to become and remain smoke-free. Choose from two convenient options – a telephone program featuring a dedicated health advocate, or a self-paced online program. Use both for extra support.

The Quit Smoking Program counts as an approved condition management program if you record being smoke-free for 30 consecutive days. Get started by calling 800-423-9920 or log in to mycigna.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the program offer nicotine replacement therapy?


How do I enroll into the Cigna Quit Today ® programs?

You can get the support you need and results you want by calling 800-423-9920, or log in to mycigna.com.

How long is the Quit Smoking Program?

To count for condition management program credit, you must record being smoke-free for 30 consecutive days.

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