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Online Coaching


Online coaching through My Health Assistant is a fun and interactive way to engage in your health and learn at your own pace. My Health Assistant helps you choose activities based on your interests and goals and keep track of your success in your personal online tracker. Log in to mycigna.com to get started today!

Online coaching through My Health Assistant is an approved condition management program when you follow the unique log on requirement stated at the beginning of each program. Once you complete the program, you will receive a completion certificate to print and submit to your WellNurse or WellCoach.

Many online coaching programs take up to a month to complete, so make sure to get started before May 1st .

This option is not available for participants in Atlantic City covered by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are online coaching programs?

Online coaching programs generally last about 4 weeks with the exception of the weight loss program, which lasts 6 months.

What types of online coaching programs are available?

Coaching programs for nutrition, exercise, mood, smoking cessation, weight loss and stress are available.

How do I know if I am finished with the online coaching program?

Nutrition: Track 21 out of 28 days of eating healthy.

Exercise: Track 9- 21 out of 28 days of exercising based on your activity level.

Mood: Track 21 out of 28 days of positive mood (happy or ok).

Stress: Track 21 out of 28 days of low stress.

Weight Loss: 10% weight loss from beginning weight, you have up to 6 months to achieve the goal, but the goal must be achieved by May 31 to be eligible for condition management credit.

Smoking Cessation: 30 consecutive smoke-free days.

If I completed an online program last year, can I do it again?

Your WellNurse would prefer you try a different condition management program to reach your health goals. If online coaching is still the best option for you, you can reset your goals and complete the program again.

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