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Improve Your Values


Prefer DIY (do it yourself)? Improve your biometric values on your own. Schedule an appointment with your WellNurse or WellCoach to show your new biometric screening results and you’ll get credit for condition management and a pat on the back.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have multiple elevated biometric screening results, do I have to improve all the values?

Nope, you just need to improve one of the four to get credit for condition management.

To improve my body mass index (BMI), does my BMI have to be less than 28?

Talk to your WellNurse about improving your BMI and set your goal. You can improve body fat percentage by meeting goal based on gender and age or lose BMI points based on your baseline number. For example if your BMI is 32, losing 2 BMI points (BMI: 30) is an improved value.

Where can I go to check to see if I improved my values?

You can visit your primary care physician office or an Onsite Health & Wellness Center for re-testing, but you may be charged for new lab values. Additionally, certain WellNurse offices offer full biometric screenings and all offer weight and blood pressure checks.

How do I know when the biometric screening events are occurring at my property?

Onsite events typically happen late fall. Some properties will have mini-events throughout the year. Check with your Human Resource representative or your onsite WellNurse for upcoming event schedules.

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