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Fitness Center


What better place is there to get fit other than the local Team Member Fitness Center? Whether you prefer group exercise classes, meeting with a fitness specialist, or working out regularly on your own, the Team Member Fitness Center can help you be active and reach your fitness goals.

Call your Team Member Fitness Center to learn about fitness center campaigns that count as approved condition management programs. Available only in Las Vegas. All other properties: talk to your onsite WellNurse or WellCoach to learn if your property has this option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a fitness center campaign?

Duration generally varies from 6-10 weeks based on campaign.

Do I need to register for a fitness center campaign?

Yes, register before or during the week of registration to ensure you receive materials and are able to earn credit for condition management.

What are the requirements to earn credit for condition management?

Requirements vary by campaign and can be provided by your onsite WellNurse or Team Member Fitness Center.

Do I need a medical waiver from my physician to join a fitness center campaign?

Medical waivers may be requested depending on the campaign. Call your Team Member Fitness Center for more information.

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