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Condition Management


Participants with elevated biometric values for body composition (BMI), blood pressure, cholesterol, and/or glucose must complete the condition management program by May 31st to save on medical premiums for the second half of the year. Condition management focuses on the impact of daily choices and long term health goals.

In additional to an annual physical, condition management participants must complete the following steps:

  • Meet with the onsite WellNurse or WellCoach to discuss biometric values and set goals
  • Complete an approved condition management program

A variety of condition management programs are provided onsite throughout the year. Certain programs may also be available online and telephonically in most regions (speak to your onsite WellNurse/Coach to learn if this option is available in your area). Approved condition management programs are outlined below. Your level of participation and engagement will drive personal wellness results.

The condition management program is intended to help you meet your health goals – it is not a treatment plan. Your annual physical is a great opportunity to discuss treatment plans specific to your health conditions with your primary care provider.

Meet Your WellNurse or WellCoach

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Leslie’s Transformation
Harrah’s Biggest Meltdown Success

In January 2018, Leslie decided it was finally time for change. She signed up for an onsite wellness campaign, Harrah’s Biggest Meltdown with WellNurse Laura.

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Mickey’s Story
Harrah’s Metropolis

Based on what I saw and heard from TV, I thought the foods I was eating were okay. What I learned from David, for me and my condition, those foods were not good. David gave me tips on how to eat properly, when to eat, and what foods to cut out. This was the first time that anyone ever explained why I should eat this and not eat that.

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Karen Walker
Table Games Dealer, Harrah’s Philadelphia

The Wellness Program is the best thing that has happened to me. If I didn’t do the Weight Loss challenge, I wouldn’t have been motivated to do it myself. I feel 100% better! I have more energy. I’m eating smaller meals and portion my food. I occasionally cheat, but I get back on track the next day.

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Mike Cheek
Operation Shed

Have you ever been at the point where life seemed out of control? I had gone too long without taking my wellbeing seriously. I was feeling tired and hopeless; without a clear path to reclaim my life. A moment of clarity hit me and I took action in two ways...

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