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Annual Physical


Important Dates: 

You and your enrolled spouse/domestic partner must complete an annual physical by May 31st to save on medical premiums for the second half of the year. Annual physicals are important to long term health maintenance and have many benefits:

  • Prevention and relationship building: Seeing your primary care provider on a regular basis helps establish an ongoing relationship, get your health questions answered and reduce and catch health risks early.
  • Sets baselines and save money: Setting a baseline will help your doctor detect a problem before it gets too serious. This can save you money on expensive medical bills down the road.
  • Update vaccinations: Vaccinations are not just for kids! Scheduling your annual physical will help track your vaccinations and ensure you are up-to-date.
  • Review and renew prescriptions: Make sure you’re treating your medical conditions the best way possible and continue to address any side effects or medication interactions.

Get your annual physical at an Onsite Health & Wellness Center (where available, see FAQ for locations), or with your own provider. You must complete and submit the Annual Physical Form (located below) in order to receive credit.

Did you know?

  • Last year, more than 25,000 Wellness Rewards participants completed an annual physical. That’s 90% of our enrolled members!
  • Over 50% of participants completed their screening in May. Schedule your appointment early to beat the rush!
  • Gender and age based exams are the best way to screen for additional health risks. Ask your primary care physician when you should start your gender or age based screenings at your annual physical exam.

Important Dates: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go to complete my annual physical?

You can choose from the following options to complete your annual physical screening each year:

  • Schedule an appointment at your Onsite Health & Wellness Center (where available, see below)
  • See your own in-network primary care physician and submit an annual physical form (if you need assistance with finding a PCP, please call the number on the back of your medical card)

Caesars Onsite Health & Wellness Centers are available at the following locations:

  • Atlantic City: 609-340-1633
  • Bossier City: 318-741-7894
  • Council Bluffs: 712-396-3722
  • Hammond: 219-473-6100
  • Lake Tahoe: 775-586-5000
  • Las Vegas: 702-822-5000
  • New Orleans: 504-533-6624
  • North Kansas City: 816-460-5055
  • Southern Indiana: 812-969-6741
  • Shelbyville Indiana: 317-421-8850
  • Tunica: 662-357-3264

Please note – Team members and covered dependents covered under a Caesars sponsored medical plan are eligible to use the Caesars Health & Wellness Centers.

I’m on a Leave of Absence, do I need to participate?

Yes. Participants on a leave of absence (LOA) are required to participate in Wellness Rewards by the established program deadlines to avoid the non-participant penalty or to earn the outcomes-based bonus.  Participants who return from leave within the last 30 days of the program (May or November) will receive a 30-day extension to complete program requirements.  If program requirements are not completed within the 30-day extension window, the participant will be subjected to the increased medical plan premiums.

Is an annual physical the same as a biometric screening?

No, your biometric screening is a specific lab test that screens on health values. Your annual physical is an exam with your primary care physician to discuss your health history and monitor any health concerns.

Is the annual physical covered by insurance?

Your Caesars medical plan covers one annual physical with an in-network provider each calendar year at 100% as part of our preventive care benefits.

  • What if I received a bill? If you received a bill for your annual physical, bring it to your onsite WellNurse.
  • The doctor’s office will not schedule my annual physical appointment until 12 full months have passed since my last exam, what do I do? Caesars medical plan covers annual physicals once each calendar year and does not require a full 12 months between appointments. This is bolded on your annual physical form for their reference.
What is covered during an annual physical?

Your provider will take a full set of vital signs that will include your height, weight, temperature, pulse and blood pressure. Many doctors don’t report your BMI, but there are calculators to find out your BMI using your height and weight. Your doctor will ask you questions about your current health and potential health issues. During the examination, your provider should be thoroughly examining your eyes, ears, nose, throat, checking your neck for lymph nodes, listening to your heart and lungs, examining your abdomen and genitalia. They should also evaluate your joints and look at your skin for lesions and potential skin cancers.

Depending on your age and gender, you many need to have additional lab testing or other examinations.

Who is required to complete an annual physical?

Team members and their covered spouses/domestic partners enrolled in the Caesars sponsored medical plan must complete an annual physical to meet Wellness Rewards program requirements and continue to save money on their medical premiums.

What happens if I or my covered spouse/domestic partner does not complete the annual physical by the deadline?

If you or your covered spouse/domestic partner do not complete an annual physical exam by 5/31, you will be subject to the $650 ($1,300 for team member and spouse) medical plan premium increase for the 2nd half of the year.

Do I need to tell my doctor/doctor’s office this is a physical/wellness exam when I make the appointment?

Yes, the annual physical exam diagnosis code needs to appear as the primary diagnosis code on the insurance claim in order for the office visit to be covered at 100% as a preventive service.

Are there forms that I or my doctor needs to complete?

Yes, both you and your doctor will need to sign the annual physical form located above, or in the Forms & Documents section.

Where do I send my signed annual physical form?

You may fax your form to 855-816-3504, email it to wellnessrewardsfax@cigna.com, or drop it by your onsite WellNurse’s office. It is your responsibility to follow up with the Wellness team to ensure they received your form. Call 800-591-9220 or click on the Wellness Tracker button in the upper right corner to ensure it has been processed.